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These youth need a Forever Family.

Here you can find all of the foster children in Michigan waiting to be adopted. To inquire about a child, click on the Learn More button that is located in each individual profile.

Meet Abigail

It’s hard to tell if Abigail is more athletic or artistic since both traits seem to dominate her personality equally. In the past, Abigail has participated in soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball, which she wants to continue. On the artistic side, Abigail enjoys drawing and painting, and when she’s not listening to music, she takes an interest in producing it. This talented young lady takes an interest in medicine and says she hopes to become a surgeon. Abigail also hopes to visit Paris, which is her dream destination. “I want to go to cafes and shops there,” she says. Abigail says shopping is her favorite thing to do with her friends.

Abigail's Favorites Things

Creating Art
Shopping with Friends
Abigail says she wants others to know that she’s creative and smart. She proves the latter by excelling in school, where she says English is her favorite subject. “She is a proud African American,” add one of her close adults, “and appears to have positive racial, ethnic and cultural identity, heritage and background. She is pleasant to talk to and is happy to answer questions about herself.”

Meet Nex

They might be young, but Nex is quite sophisticated for her age. Take, for instance, her preference in conversation. They don’t settle for mere chit-chat. “They tend to gravitate toward older peers as she enjoys having more mature conversations,” says a close adult acquaintance of Nex.

Then there’s her career choice that relies on one of her biggest interests. Omaryana wants to become a cosmetologist because she loves styling hair. She’s still a kid to the core, however. Omarayana loves playing volleyball and GaGa ball, the variation of Dodgeball. She loves making art and doing other creative activities.

Omarayana's Favorites Things

Having Meaningful Conversations
Creating Art
Volleyball & "GaGa" Ball
“Omarayana appears to have an affable disposition and can be very friendly and pleasant to talk to,” says an adult close to her. “Omaryana is outgoing and likes to be the center of attention. She can have a soft side, though, and always stands up for herself and for others.”

Meet Aidan

Whether it’s on the court or the field, you can bet Aidan will have a ball with a ball in his hands. He loves sports and especially enjoys basketball and football. “He is planning to join the basketball team at his high school this year,” says one of Aidan’s close adults. Aidan is good at other things, too, such as swimming and interacting with animals. Aidan likes outdoor activities including riding bikes, gardening, hunting and fishing. His favorite class in school is science, and Aidan wants to go to college to become a mechanic when he gets older. One of Aidan’s favorite activities involves interacting with animals.

Aidan's Favorites Things

Outdoor Activities
Video Games
“Aidan has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys joking around,” says one of his close adults. “He has a great sense of self and is very aware of his own needs and what he needs in the moment. Aidan is amazing and a sweetheart who has a deep yearning for belonging. He is described as loving, kind and caring about others.”

Meet Shiann

Having an outlet for her artistry is very important to Shiann. “She likes to express herself through her creativity,” says one of Shiann’s close adults. “She also enjoys art class and doing arts and crafts. Anything that allows Shiann to enjoy fun colors and express herself is key.” That includes her personal appearance. “Shiann loves to paint her nails, do her makeup and do her hair. Shiann loves when others support her, and she enjoys when people point out her fun nails, makeup and hair.” Shiann also loves singing, dancing and cooking. One of her favorite activities is playing games on her tablet.

Shiann's Favorites Things

Tablet Games
Arts & Crafts
Singing & Dancing
Painting Her Nails
“Shiann is a very loving and social girl who really opens up once you get to know her,” says an adult close to her. “She really just wants to be loved by a family who is dedicated to her.” Shiann also is described as a bubbly young lady who makes friends easily.

Meet Cecilia

CeCe, aka Cecilia, plans to travel the four corners of the world … and a few curves and straight-aways along the way. “If I could visit one place on Earth, it would be all over the world,” explains CeCe, “because I want to learn about all the cultures and food.” Her long journey might include a pit stop at Bath & Body Works because CeCe loves the store chain’s makeup.

“I am a neat, organized and clean person.” She also takes pride in her smile, her intelligence and her empathy for others. “I care a lot about people,” says CeCe, who plans to put her caring nature to work as a pediatrician or nurse when she gets older.

Cecilia's Favorites Things

Olive Garden
Apples to Apples & Uno
She’s likely to be successful in whatever career she chooses since she likes all subjects and does well in school. “I am a straight A student,” says CeCe says, who’d make a forever family mighty proud. “I value family, and I’m honest,” says CeCe, who enjoys interacting with others. According to her one of her close adults, CeCe takes a philosophical view of life.

Meet Hailey

As if she’s not adorable already, Hailey dreams of being even more of a cutie-beauty. She says she wants a makeover so she can be “the prettiest girl on Earth.” She’ll likely dress in sharp-looking attire – she enjoys shopping, and she loves jewelry and clothes – so she looks her best, and she’ll stay positive even in the darkest of times. Hailey’s clothing will look anything but dark since her favorite colors are blue, pink and purple. Hailey’s favorite animal is a dog. She currently enjoys walking dogs in her neighborhood, and she volunteers at an animal shelter.

If Hailey’s dreams come true, she’ll visit Disney World then travel to golden sand, white waves and blue ocean.

Hailey's Favorites Things

Buffalo Wild Wings
Disney World
“Hailey is inquisitive, funny, confident, outgoing, silly, kind, and lovable,” says one of the adults close to her. “She likes to laugh and have conversations, and she can be very interested in what others are doing. She likes to be a good student, so she puts in great effort.” This amazing young lady would flourish in a family who offers strong encouragement to try new things and who provides structure, consistency and emotional support.

Meet Jaheim

Jaheim is a young lad who’s a bit of a music connoisseur. “He loves to be up to date on the newest music,” says one of his close adult acquaintances. “He specifically loves rap music and worship music.” Jaheim also is budding philanthropist based on what he’d want if he had three wishes. “I would want all the money in the world, own all the stores in the world and help all the poor people with the money I have,” Jaheim says. Jaheim says dogs – particularly puppies – are his favorite animals and one of his favorite chores is getting them out of their kennels and feeding them. He especially likes spending time with family on weekends.

Jaheim's Favorites Things

The Outdoors
Playing Football
According to one of his close adults, “Jaheim is very active and silly. He is funny, goofy, engaging and social. He loves to clean bathrooms (yes, we said bathrooms!!) and would love to visit New York someday because he thinks cities are cool.”

Meet Tyler

Get your track shoes on to keep up with Tyler. This active young lad loves riding his bike, going hiking and anything else outdoors. “He loves nature and exploring,” says one of Tyler’s close adults. “He enjoys spreading his knowledge to others and taking them on adventures with him through the woods.” He enjoys playing card games, putting puzzles together, watching TV – especially cartoons and movies – and reading books. Tyler loves studying when it features Bill Nye the Science Guy and when the subject is volcanos. Since he’s a critter kind of kid, Tyler hopes for a forever family who has dogs.

Tyler's Favorites Things

Puzzles & Card Games
Hiking & Riding Bikes
“Tyler generally approaches new activities or crafts with a positive and enthusiastic approach,” says one of the people who cares about him. “He enjoys meeting new people and having conversations. He loves to be busy doing something and makes the most out of every moment.”

Meet Anthony

You’ll stay entertained with Anthony around. He has a great sense of humor and loves sharing a laugh with others. “Anthony is a very comical, energetic young man,” says one of the adults who cares most about him. Despite his entertaining antics, Anthony doesn’t strive to be an entertainer when he gets older. Instead, he says he just wants to relax as an adult. Anthony dreams of going to a certain amusement park so he can go on all the rides, and he wishes for $100 million and a mansion. He also wishes for a forever family and hopes they’ll go visit parks together.

Anthony's Favorites Things

Telling Jokes
Video Games
Amusement Parks

According to one of the adults close to him, “Anthony is very resilient. He is a very kind-hearted young man and is very playful and loving towards others. Anthony is very smart and does great quality work in school.” Anthony says his favorite subject in school is math.

Meet Brayden

If you hear a siren in the middle of the night sometime in the future, it could be Brayden, who wants to become a firefighter when he gets older. Brayden will order his fellow firefighters pizza, his favorite food, and they’ll rescue cats stuck in trees since they’re his favorite animal. If he could travel anywhere, Brayden would go to a metropolis. “I like big cities,” he says – probably so he can see the most fire trucks. Brayden says he wishes for a big mansion with an Olympic-sized swimming pool “and a lot of money to buy stuff.”

Brayden's Favorites Things

Hanging with Friends
“Brayden is a silly, energetic, animated and sensitive child who likes singing and dancing,” says one of the people who knows him best. “He enjoys one-on-one attention from adults.” Brayden also is described as extroverted and talkative.

Meet Noah

Noah has graduated from smaller toys and now builds things out of Legos and Lincoln Logs. In fact, Noah enjoys being creative, and he’s very proud of his Legos creations. Noah also enjoys playing video games and doing puzzles. Like a lot of young lads, Noah likes riding bikes and scooters, and he loves Star Wars. When he gets older, Noah wants to become a magician. A few of the most important things Noah wants others to know are, “I love to play and watch basketball, and I like to be kind.” He will fit in very well with a forever family.

Noah's Favorites Things

Playing Outside
Legos & Lincoln Logs
According to one of the adults close to him, “Noah has a tender heart and witty sense of humor. He is highly intelligent. Noah is not only smart but also determined. He thrives on encouragement and one-on-one time with adults. Noah is thoughtful and empathetic.”

Meet Emilee

What makes Emilee’s day purr-fectly enjoyable? You guessed it – having a cat nearby. In fact, one of the adults close to her reports, “Emilee often is found with a cat on her lap.” When she’s not taking it easy with a feline friend, Emilee could be down playing at the pond. She enjoys fishing, swimming and boating, and she likes going on walks. Emilee is not only active but also creative. She enjoys writing and doodling, and she likes doing arts and crafts.

Like most youngsters, she enjoys texting and engaging with friends on social media. She also likes watching TV, playing board games and listening to music.

Emilee's Favorites Things

Fishing & Swimming
Social Media
Arts & Crafts
According to one of the adults close to her, “Emilee can be funny and has been developing a positive group of friends. Emilee reports that she likes school as she is able to see her friends there. She also enjoys going for walks and hanging out with friends.”

Meet Justin

Need groceries emptied from the car? Let Justin carry the bags inside. Want a hand with yard work? Call on Justin. “I like to mow the grass,” he says. Approaching a door? Justin is right there to open it. “I love helping people!!!” he says about what he takes the most pride in doing. When he’s not helping people, Justin is likely having fun. His favorite activities include swimming, bike riding and playing tag with friends. Justin also likes roller skating and playing laser tag and video and board games. He likes sports and being outdoors. Two of Justin’s biggest wishes are to have a family and a parent or parents “who love me.” Justin says he dreams of having a family whom he can be with forever. He wants to play with them, go to the park and have a rousing game of monopoly together.

Justin's Favorites Things

Helping People
Outdoor Activities
Traveling to Antarctica
Justin is described as curious, imaginative, detail-oriented and engaging. “Justin is a very bright young boy with a kind heart,” says one of the important adults in his life. “Justin is playful and does best when given adult one-on-one attention.”

Meet Kakashi

Saying Kakashi likes flags is a bit akin to saying stars come out at night. OK, so his “banner benevolence” isn’t quite that obvious. But Kakashi does love his flags, all 50 or more of them from different countries throughout the world. Kakashi loves anything related to water – kayaking, swimming, watching the fountain at the park, playing in the water table at the children’s museum and playing in the rain, to name a few. Kakashi also loves music; he has an old phone with a music app and he is constantly listening to his favorite songs.

Kakashi's Favorites Things

Water Activities
Collecting Country Flags
Playing at the Park
According to one of the adults close to him, “Kakashi is sweet, silly and helpful. He is determined and smart, and he works hard all the time to continue to learn and grow. He is generally cheerful and enthusiastic. He is silly and sweet and his excitement and enthusiasm for his favorite things is second to none.”

Meet Dalila

Creativity runs deep in Dalila’s soul, and her talent could take her far. “Dalila is creative and artistic and is talented at drawing, and she should be given the opportunity to continue practicing this skill,” says one of her close adults. “Dalila does not currently participate in extracurricular activities at school, but she has an interest in participating in basketball, volleyball, track, choir and band.”

She likes being active and enjoys swimming, sledding, bowling, going on walks and going to the mall. When it’s time to slow down, Dalila enjoys watching TV and playing on electronics. “She enjoys collecting stuffed animals and accessories, including scrunchies, bracelets and necklaces,” adds one of Dalila’s close adults.

Dalila's Favorites Things

Stuffed Animals
Extracurricular School Activities
“Dalila is a bubbly, friendly, outgoing and kind-hearted teenager,” says a close adult. “Others have also described her as caring and helpful. She is easy to connect with and thrives off interacting with others.”

Meet KeyShaun

His name might not be Ford or Ferrari, but KeyShaun still knows a thing or two about cars, even if the ones he owns are mini models. “He loves to play with cars and even has his own mini Range Rover to drive around in,” says one of his close adults who adds that KeyShaun takes a keen interest in accessories as well. “Keyshaun loves to play with Google Maps and GPS units.”

On the weekends, KeyShaun likes going for walks and watching his brother play basketball. When the hunger pangs hit, KeyShaun’s favorite foods are cereal, toaster pastries and chicken nuggets with a side of dipping sauce. After he’s done eating, KeyShaun would enjoy playing video games and building things with Legos. “KeyShaun loves Spider-Man,” adds a close adult. Since he takes an interest in football and basketball, KeyShaun would love going to sporting events with a new forever family.

KeyShaun's Favorites Things

Playing with Cars
Going to Sporting Events
“When he is happy, KeyShaun is the most fun kid to have around,” says one of the adults who cares about him most. “KeyShaun can be a very loving, goofy and happy.” He is described as a charming and sweet boy who has a smile that melts your heart.

Meet Zack

Zack wants to hit the road in the future to become a truck driver. Zack (Zackary) will hit the road again because his favorite toy is Lego Road Blocks. And Zack’s biggest road trip will include traveling to Tennessee, going to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

In fact, Zack has plenty of fun activities in mind for his future forever family, and if they go out to eat, go to a pet store, visit a zoo, have Nerf toy wars and play video and board games together, then Zack won’t be hitting the road anytime soon.

Zack's Favorites Things

Toys & Board Games
Harry Potter
“Zack is very outgoing and personable. He is very friendly, creative and enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Zack is very kind-hearted and wants to please. He wants to be helpful and responds strongly to positive reinforcement and praise. Zack is a sweet and funny kid who is great with younger kids and animals.”

Meet Zackary

Zack wants to hit the road in the future to become a truck driver. Zack (Zackary) will hit the road again because his favorite toy is Lego Road Blocks. And Zack’s biggest road trip will include traveling to Tennessee, going to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Zack also would love making arts and crafts during the celebration. In fact, Zack has plenty of fun activities in mind for his future forever family, and if they go out to eat, go to a pet store, visit a zoo, have Nerf toy wars and play video and board games together, then Zack won’t be hitting the road anytime soon.

Zackary's Favorites Things

Truck Driving
Harry Potter
Celebrating Holidays
“Zack is very outgoing and personable,” says one his close adults. “He enjoys talking and sharing his story with others. He is very friendly, creative and enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Zack is very kind-hearted and wants to please. He wants to be helpful and responds strongly to positive reinforcement and praise. Zack is a sweet and funny kid who is great with younger kids and animals.”

Meet Mikel

Mikel is a wizard on the field, on the court and on the water. He loves kicking around a soccer ball and shooting hoops. But it’s football that’s his real calling. Mikel loves playing it and watching, and he dreams of visiting Cleveland his favorite pro team, the Browns. When he gets older, Mikel hopes to play professional football. On the water, Mikel is a fishing phenom. This active young man likes many sports and hobbies, but he still takes time to enjoy quieter activities. 

 “He is very laidback and can be quiet,” says one of the adults who knows him best. When he gets comfortable, Mikel can be entertaining. “He is very creative and loves to tell stories.” Mikel would do well with a forever family who’s as smart as he is and enjoys playing games together. He really would like to go on roller coasters with them.

Mikel's Favorites Things

Board & Video Games
Roller Coasters
Magic the Gathering

“Mikel has a big heart, especially when it comes to his family,” says a close adult acquaintance. “He is a very sporty guy and loves to make people laugh. Mikel is a kiddo who loves with his whole heart. He has a great sense of humor and can be very outgoing, cheerful and curious. Mikel can be very friendly and helpful.”

Meet Sevonia

We should all cherish what Sevonia says are the most important things to her. “I like to make every moment matter,” she says, “and I like to make people laugh.” Spending time with family also ranks high on Sevonia’s favorite things list. She likes watching movies with family after school and enjoys just hanging out together on weekends. Sevonia is an active girl who likes swimming, bowling, riding bikes and horses and playing soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Since making every moment matter is important to Sevonia, she hopes a forever family will savor time together talking, playing and taking pictures to preserve their memories. And she hopes they enjoy some of her favorite activities such as bowling, swimming and going out to eat.

Sevonia's Favorites Things

Coloring & Painting

Sevonia is described as a bubbly, outgoing and very energetic young lady. Adds an adult close to her, “Sevonia likes to stick up for others and enjoys helping other people. She is open and a good communicator.” She does well in school and enjoys reading the most.

Meet Alyssa

Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians,” Lots-‘O-Huggin’ Bear from “Toy Story 3” and Scar from “The Lion King” have a fan in Alyssa. “She loves Disney villains,” says one of Alyssa’s close adults. But more than Disney bad guys, Alyssa loves art and says being artistic is one of the most important things others need to know about her. In fact, art is her favorite subject in school, and her artistic skill is the thing she takes the most pride in.

Alyssa enjoys spending time with friends by chatting or going to the movies. She lists Halloween as her favorite holiday because she gets to dress up and pass out candy. If she could visit anywhere, Alyssa would travel to Hawaii because it’s “calming and pretty.”

Alyssa's Favorites Things

Spending Time with Friends
Becoming Famous
“Alyssa is a funny and witty youth,” says one of her close adults. “She has a dynamic personality. She is personable once she is comfortable with others, and she likes to work independently. She is a very neat and organized girl who is very smart and funny.”