Legacy Adoption Services

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Post Adoption Services

The most common requests we receive are from adult adoptees who are seeking medical history information, or are searching for their birth parents or siblings. The steps towards those outcomes will vary depending on the type of adoption that occurred.

Training Modules

Central Adoption Registry 

The Central Adoption Registry is maintained by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and contains statements from former parents and former adult siblings only. Those statements indicate whether the former parents and/or former adult siblings are consenting to or denying the release of identifying information. Information from the Central Adoption Registry will be forwarded to adoption agencies and courts upon request so they can determine what type of information can be released to an adult adoptee. The Registry may only be accessed by the court or agency.

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Adults who were wards of the state and in the Foster Care system prior to Adoption...

Contact the Post Adoption Inquiry Specialist, Connie Stevens, at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Adults who were not in Foster Care and were voluntarily released for Adoption...

Legacy Adoption Services is handling the post adoption inquiries for adoptions conducted by LAS,  Samaritas , and Wellspring Lutheran Services .

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For More Information

To obtain information from adoption files or if you have any other questions regarding our Post Adoption Services, please contact:
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Angela Baeckeroot

LAS Post Adoption Resource Coordinator
(248) 663-0700