Legacy Adoption Services

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Getting Started

Adopting is not as hard as you may think!

Families do not have to already be licensed for foster care or have fostering experience, although many families do obtain their foster home license at some point in their adoption journey.

Who Can Adopt?

Our requirements are flexible and we welcome all people who wish to provide a loving forever home for a foster child.


Married, divorced or single – all family compositions are welcome


You don’t have to be wealthy or own your home


You can have other children


You can live in an apartment


You can work as long as you have adequate childcare arrangements


You don’t need a set level of education


People of all religions, genders, ethnicities, and any sexual orientation

Start Your Journey

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Adoption Process

The adoption process starts with an orientation, and those who wish to continue this journey will then need to complete a Family Assessment.

Matching Process

Adoption specialists will regularly review family assessments with the recruitment team to see if there is a possible match.


Here, we try to answer all your questions related to adoption, processes and services we can provided.


Having access to helpful resources is critical for families considering adoption, and for those who have already adoption.