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Sponsor A Child’s Birthday Or Christmas with...

The Gift Program

We serve hundreds of children every year. At any given time, between 70 and 100 of these children are unmatched. This means that many of our children are available for adoption, but do not have identified adoptive families. Here is where you can help through our Gift Program!

All of our kids have something to offer the world, and are special. You can make them feel special and supported by helping us provide birthday and Christmas gifts for them. Each year we connect individual families, groups, churches etc. with children who need gifts. Participants are given a small card at the beginning of the year that displays a photo, a brief description of the child’s interests, prayer requests, and a gift list. We will work with you to match you with a child and coordinate pick-up/delivery of the gifts provided. You are able to follow the same child until he/she is matched for adoption, has a goal change, or ages out of the system. When this happens we will ask if you would like to be re-matched.

Help Make A Memory

We welcome individuals, families, church groups, businesses, or any other groups to participate in this. We can match you with one child, or many. If you are interested in learning more or signing up to participate, please fill out this form. Thank you to all of our gift donors who make these days special for these deserving children!

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