Legacy Adoption Services

Our Mission


We Connect Foster Children with Loving Adoptive Families

At Legacy Adoption Services, our mission is to enrich lives through a profound legacy of faith and service. With a steadfast commitment, we strive to be responsive, caring, and innovative as we facilitate the journey to adopt from foster care in Michigan.

Through our dedicated efforts, we focus on empowering Waiting Children with a profound sense of love and belonging. We believe in nurturing stability within a permanent family environment, laying the foundation for these children to create their own lasting legacy.

Our Goals

Finding safe, loving homes for waiting children
Creating permanence for children by building forever families
Making the community aware of the need for forever families, and ways they can be supportive of waiting children and adoptive families
Adopt Foster Care Michigan African mother and daughter holding each other
Connecting children with lasting forever families
Going above and beyond to provide for the special needs of waiting children
Supporting adoptive families prior to adoption, during the process of adoption, and after adoption

The LAS Vision:

Building a world where every child has a safe, loving, life-long family.