Legacy Adoption Services

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Who We Are

Legacy Adoption Services is the adoption affiliate of Samaritas and Wellspring Lutheran Services. Both agencies handled adoptions individually in Michigan for many years. The agencies agreed to join forces in order to provide more loving, forever homes for children in foster care who needed permanent placement.

In 1977...

Since its partnership inception, LAS has found homes for 10,000 Michigan foster care youth.

Legacy Adoption Services specializes in the placement of children from the State’s foster care system. Many children in foster care need permanent adoptive homes. There is little or no cost involved in adopting a child from the foster care system.

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We Are Committed To...

Important Notice

We do not have an infant adoption program or an international adoption program. To learn more about the type of children we have available for adoption, Click Here. If you were adopted or have adopted through the infant adoption program years ago and are seeking more information about birth family members, Click Here.